Soy el monstruo bajo tu cama.
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I sleep in the orchard (1991), Ilya and Emilia Kabakov.
Joseph Beuys at Sandycove, where James Joyce lived before leaving Ireland for Europe (photographed by Caroline Tisdall)
Alberto Giacometti
Tjibbe Hooghiemstra
Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan
Francis Bacon’s studio, facing his easel
Ubiquitous, 2009 by Naoko Ito

Este silencio de mundo extinto

trae voces nocturnas
que se asientan al fondo de las venas
me trasladan –viaje estático-
a un sitio en el que no son necesarias
las máscaras
para intercambiar piedras de luz.

[Susan Urich]
Edward Gorey - Henry Mazzeo
Nymphs, Salvador Dali

Actually this is the “Return, oh, Shulamite” from Dali’s “Song of Songs”. 
It’s a beautiful collection of etchings, you can see the rest of it here, The images don’t do it justice, it’s such a delicately made collection and the reflections from the gold dust make the figures look like they are going to jump right out of the paper and start dancing around you. 
Eugene Jansson, “Hornsgatan by Night” (1902)