Soy el monstruo bajo tu cama.
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Trigonometry Reference Circle
Created by Reddit user ‘graaahh’ via /r/mathpics
(Direct link to post here; picture found in comments)
Egyptian 20 sided die with Greek characters. 2nd century B.C.–4th century A.D.

Elgin Marble
I will learn to love the skies I’m under. on Flickr.
This GIF shows how the toucan releases heat using its beak to cool itself off.
The toucan beak isn’t just beautiful, it’s also an adjustable thermal radiator that the bird uses to warm and cool itself. When the bird is hot, the blood vessels in their beak open up to allow more circulation to enable heat to escape. Birds can’t sweat so they have to come up with some life hacks to get the job done. [video]
Wayang figures from the island of Bali.
A Book of MarionettesHelen JosephNew York: B.W. Huebsch, 1920.
Terracotta statuette of a horse Period: Late Classical or Hellenistic Date: 4th–3rd century B.C. Culture: Greek, South Italian, Tarentine